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Whatsapp status Ads for promotions

Advertising is the key business of Facebook, so it was only a matter of time before the company discovered a position on WhatsApp to display advertisements. That location will be on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in Status, WhatsApp’s version of the Stories feature.

But despite advertiser optimism about WhatsApp Status advertisements, there are some concerns about what is first and foremost a messaging app when it comes to consumer privacy. People tend to see messaging applications as more intimate and private than social networks, so when putting advertisements there, advertisers need to bear that in mind.

By making sure that the ad is helpful and meaningful to the customer, companies that have began or are looking to begin advertising on messaging applications can overcome this challenge. This implies avoiding purely advertising messaging for Dunkin ‘ Brands, which is experimenting with Facebook Messenger advertisements.

WhatsApp consumers will not be able to “unsubscribe” or opt out of WhatsApp Status advertisements based on what we know so far. However, if Status follows the same format as Stories ads on the other characteristics of Facebook, consumers can skip them.